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Lip Blush

What is Lip Blush?

Lip Blush tattooing is meant to enhance the natural shape of the lip and not create actual volume and fullness. The tattoo doesn't just go around the vermillion border (outside of the lips) of the lip as the older way of lip liner tattoos. Instead, Lip Blush tattooing begins by redefining the border and blending the color in to the center of the lips, thus creating an "ombré" effect and a natural look.

What are some reasons to get Lip Blush?

As we age, our natural lip color will fade (which is completely normal) and lose pigmentation. This restores your lips to a natural shade and gives you a youthful look. If you get lip injections, you may notice that the vermillion border (outside part of the lip) is less defined and Lip Blush is like the cherry on top!

What about if my lips are unevenly toned?

For lips that are unevenly toned we also provide a service that is focused on color neutralization. This is great for someone that has hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation on the lip area. On average, color neutralization can take more than two sessions to complete.

Does it hurt at all?

You'll be numbing for 20 minutes prior to beginning the procedure! We keep you comfortable by utilizing numerous topical forms of numbing agents. There are a few spicy parts of course: cupids bow and the center of the bottom lip.


How many times do I need to return to have my service complete?

This is a two part appointment. You'll need to return 8 weeks after your initial session for a perfecting session (included in pricing). The reason for the time in between is because we need to allow the pigment to heal to it's intended color, which usually takes about 8 weeks.

How much does Lip Blush cost?

We have two artists that perform Lip Blush at SVB. Sarah has been performing this service for close to 8 years and has mastered the "one pass technique" that helps with swelling and bruising ($800). Natalie is now offering lip blush as of 2024 and is currently looking for models ($400).


Already decided on getting the Lip Blush service and want to book?

Email us a photo of your lips so we can see if you are a good candidate for this service:


Easier to text us? No problem!

Our number is 860-530-4207 We will get back to you ASAP!

Would you like to come in and chat?

At Sarah Victor Beauty Studio, we believe that Permanent Makeup should be a professional and enjoyable experience. Our expert team is here to exceed your expectations in every way.

Get in touch with us at 860-530-4207 to schedule an in person consultation today!

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