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Areola Micropigmentation

Areola Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that is done on the area of the breast or chest where the areola is found. I am able to create hyper realistic tattooing in order to mimic a 3D nipple and areola. I do this by using techniques such as feathering, shading, highlighting and blending. In most cases, I am the last stop in your journey...allow me to create your vision of beauty amongst the chaos. 

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Why do people get this procedure?

Remember not all of our clients are going to be Breast Cancer survivors.
Many of our clients will have had other surgeries that may have resulted in them requiring a tattooed nipple, or section of a nipple.

  • Breast Lift Scars

  • Necrosis (where living tissue unfortunately dies and falls away)

  • Accident or Trauma, such as burns

  • Gender Transition

  • Birth Defects


A consultation is needed and always recommended for this type of procedure. Consultations can be booked online at your discretion.

Call 860-430-6651 | Text 860-530-4207

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