Employee Spotlight: Sarah Victor, Owner

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Sarah Victor Beauty LLC is founded and owned by Sarah Victor herself. She started her career early on in her educational pursuits. She graduated from Paier College of Art with an Graphics Design Degree. Later, she went on to manage for different Make- Up Brands, as well as pursuing and developing her own freelance career.

Sarah hosted her own Beauty Channel on YouTube (look it up for good laughs and of course beauty) and worked on different projects. You can find her publications in Teen Vogue, Seventeen and Elle magazines.When Sarah isn’t in-house at studio, you can find her working with photographers and other industry professionals. 📷📷📷

Besides an entrepreneur, Sarah is the mother of two beautiful fraternal twins, Logan and Quinn. In her spare time she can be found working on art sketches and listening to her favorite music artist, Joe Bonamassa.

Q & A:

Q: What made you get into Microblading?

A: “It was a natural progression in my career path. I previously donated my time to the Cancer Association providing Microblading services. It was immediate gratification for me. I knew I wanted to make women feel more confident about themselves physically and mentally.Seeing their faces before and after their service is priceless and rewarding”.

Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: “I am most passionate about making people feel beautiful and restoring their confidence.

Q: If you can do away with any makeup trend, what would it be?

A: (laughs prior to answering) “ I want to get rid of every video of individuals dripping oil or a highlighter and smearing it all over their face prior to makeup application. People think this is proper steps in achieving flawless skin. It starts with taking care of your skin, applying products that are made for your skin type, and minimal use of certain products.”

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